Best Off-Road Trails Near Pueblo, CO

Best Off-Road Trails Near Pueblo, CO

A great way to see the beautiful state of Colorado — and to enjoy the used truck or used SUV you purchased from Southwest Motors — is to leave the paved roads behind. An off-roading excursion gives outdoor enthusiasts like you a fun getaway in the summertime. Here are some of the off-road trails near Pueblo that we recommend exploring.

San Isabel National Forest

There are plenty of trails in the nearby national forest to go off-roading, with one of the best being the Mount Princeton Trail. There are some tight switchbacks to navigate, but the summits at the top offer glorious views.

North Delta OHV Staging Areas

Toss your dirt bikes in the back of your pickup truck and take them to this massive open area of 8,560 acres near Delta. There are a variety of difficulties for beginners and pros on this sprawling, dirt-covered location. 

RAM Off-Road Park

Head north in the direction of Colorado Springs to find 86 acres of specially designed off-road courses. RAM Off-Road Park hosts many motorsports events and endurance racing challenges throughout the year, so you know it’s a great place to take your truck or SUV from Southwest Motors. Southwest Motors sells many vehicles that are great for off-roading in Colorado, such as the Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, and Chevrolet Colorado. If you plan on off-roading this summer, trade-in your old car for something from Southwest Motors.

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