3 Must-Have Camping Accessories for Outdoorsy Drivers in Pueblo, CO

3 Must-Have Camping Accessories for Outdoorsy Drivers in Pueblo, CO

There are plenty of scenic spots in Colorado where you can set up camp for the weekend and enjoy a night under the stars. After spending a day off-roading in your truck or hiking near Pueblo, conclude by camping out. Just make sure you have these camping accessories for your car.

Car-mounted awning

Take advantage of your SUV or truck’s height by attaching an extendable, roll-out awning. These products are very useful for covering your cooking or sleeping area from rain, bright sunshine, and falling debris. Plus, they’re very compact and take up little space on your car’s roof.

In-vehicle air mattress

Instead of sleeping on the ground in a tent, sleep inside your vehicle on a plush air mattress. You can find air mattresses designed to fit the dimensions of your truck’s bed or SUV’s cargo area.

Rooftop cargo box

Instead of stashing all your messy, cumbersome camping supplies behind the back seat, lock them away in a secure rooftop storage box. You’ll find so many models in all shapes and sizes that easily attach to your vehicle’s roof rails.

If you need a capable, dependable truck or SUV that you can accessorize for your camping outings, browse the used car inventory at Southwest Motors. Our used car dealership in Pueblo is here to help outdoor enthusiasts like you.

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