3 Ways You Can Show Your Military Support on Your Vehicle

Military Salute | Pueblo, CO

Your car should be a reflection of your passions and priorities. For many drivers here in Pueblo, that means displaying your patriotism. Armed forces veterans, active members, and military supporters like you can show your military support by decorating your car in these simple ways.


The traditional way to promote your values is with a bumper sticker on the back of your car. Slap this simple decoration onto your car from Southwest Motors and show off a military insignia or American flag. If you’d prefer not to put sticky residue on your car’s paint, a window decal will serve the same purpose yet is far easier to apply and reposition.


Flags come in all sizes, from small ones you can clip to the window to large ones you can mount to your truck’s bed. Wave a flag of a specific military branch you support, like the U.S. Army or the United States Space Force.

Rearview mirror decoration

Decorate the inside of your car with a banner, badge, or placard that hangs from the rearview mirror. This is a great option if you have a special piece of memorabilia that you want to keep with you as you travel.

Remember that the Army anniversary is this month; plus, Air Force, Navy, and Marines birthdays are coming up this fall. Show your U.S. pride when you decorate your used car from Southwest Motors.

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