Headaches and Hassles of Buying a Used Car from a Private Owner

Buying a Used Car | Pueblo, CO

You may be tempted to look at the private listings when you’re shopping for used cars for sale in Pueblo, Colorado. But, we recommend avoiding buying a used car from a private owner — even if it’s someone you know and trust. Here are some of the problems you could face if you don’t buy from a dealership.

Misleading or incomplete listing

Private listings for cars are often incomplete, lacking good photographs, or omitting issues like cosmetic damage or malfunctions. Our listings at Southwest Motors are complete and thorough, including a dozen detailed images of every major side. Plus, we list all of the features and specs for every model; you can even ask for a vehicle history report, which you won’t get from a private seller.

Communication issues

What happens if the seller doesn’t return your call or answer your email? What if they’re too busy to meet you about the car? Receiving prompt communication and reliable availability are vital when you’re car shopping. Here at Southwest Motors, we have consistent business hours and people ready to answer your calls or messages.

Paperwork problems

Transferring ownership is a real hassle when you don’t have experts involved. You may have to visit the Colorado DMV multiple times to finalize all the paperwork — and then meeting back up with the seller for signatures and notarizing.

Instead of dealing with these hassles, take the easy route: Buy your next used car from Southwest Motors. Our dealership in Pueblo makes the process swift and straightforward.

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