Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used SUV in Pueblo, CO?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used SUV in Pueblo, CO?

You’ve been biding your time as you look for the perfect SUV for sale in Pueblo, but should you wait any longer? Based on our projections, we at Southwest Motors think that autumn is the best time of year to buy a used SUV. So, don’t put off your purchase any longer! Here are some reasons why we advise you to buy a used SUV now instead of waiting.

Demand is high

You’ve no doubt noticed the widespread shortage of new vehicles hitting the market. The auto industry is in a tight spot as production impediments have led to a vast deficiency and overpricing of brand-new models for sale. Because of that, most shoppers in Colorado are turning to used cars, which is depleting the number of pre-owned vehicles on the market. If you wait any longer, there won’t be many used SUVs left to choose from.

Get a better deal

The last few months of the calendar year are typically the best time to buy a vehicle from a car dealership because they’re hoping to push some final inventory before closing out their books — so you may be able to negotiate a better deal. Talk with our sales staff about any end-of-year deals we’re offering on used SUVs.

Have an SUV before winter

Winter will be coming to Colorado soon, so you’ll want to get that capable, quality SUV before the snow hits the ground. Get a jump on buying an SUV before January arrives and all our most capable SUVs get purchased by others.

Southwest Motors currently has more than 150 used SUVs and crossovers in stock from over 20 different brands. You won’t find a better selection from any other dealership in this region of Colorado. However, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have all those SUVs in stock forever, so don’t delay — get to Southwest Motors today!

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