What Is Trunk or Treat? An Explanation for Parents in Pueblo

What Is Trunk or Treat? An Explanation for Parents in Pueblo | Pueblo, CO

When we were all kids here in Pueblo, Colorado, we would walk around town knocking on random doors and asking for candy. But life has changed since those days, and many parents aren’t keen on letting their kids go trick-or-treating anymore. To replace that tradition, a new one has emerged: trunk-or-treating.

What is a trunk or treat? Instead of kids wandering the streets to collect candy from various houses, everyone gathers at one place and hands out candy there. Typically, this happens in a large parking lot of a business or public organization that is hosting the event.

Here’s the fun part: Everyone decorates their own car with spooky, family-friendly décor and parks it in the parking lot. You can give your SUV or minivan a festive, temporary makeover to fit the holiday! Then, children walk to each vehicle and receive candy from you.

No more knocking on doors, crossing busy streets, or walking long distances in the dark! Little ones collect are their sweets safely and quickly at a trunk-or-treat gathering under constant adult supervision. Children are still encouraged to dress up in costumes, so parents can still take all the photos they want on their phones.

There will be multiple trunk-or-treat events taking place in the Pueblo area throughout the month of October. We at Southwest Motors hope to see you at one of these gatherings!

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